Rubberfuse TPO Sustainable Roofing Solutions

Rubberfuse TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin) systems have been providing effective and durable roofing solutions for over three decades.

The first polypropylene-based TPO roofing system on the market in the UK, Rubberfuse membranes are produced using only carbon and hydrogen with no halogens or plasticisers. This prevents the release of substances hazardous to health both during the heat welding process and when installed on site.

Unlike PVC and other materials which contain plasticisers, Rubberfuse TPO roofing materials are not subject to performance deterioration over time.

Due to the quality of the composition make-up, Rubberfuse TPO waterproofing membranes guarantee outstanding physical and mechanical features in use, with long term resistance to atmospheric agents.

Rubberfuse TPO Features & Benefits

  • Outstanding physical and mechanical performance
  • Resistance to wear/extended operating life (BBA 40 year life expectancy)
  • Ecologically sustainable; contains no harmful substances to leach into the environment, fully recyclable at end of life, all new product contains 10% recycled materials
  • UK and worldwide certification BBA/FM/BRE/BroofT4
  • Durable, lightweight and versatile thermoplastic roofing – compatible with any thermal insulation element
  • High tensile strength, with high resistance to impact damage, also easy to patch repair if required
  • Excellent aesthetics: available in a range of colourways
  • Solar, Green Roof and Active Blue Roof Attenuation systems are available
  • Warranty programmes from 10 to 30 years available
30 Year Warranty

*Installation must be approved and certified

by Rubberfuse Technical Team

Advantages of TPO


Rubberfuse roofing systems have BBA Certification ensuring durability in excess of 40 years, guaranteeing an extended operating life.

Energy Efficiency

Rubberfuse products are easy to recycle and lightweight, making their disposal at the end of the product lifecycle easy and affordable.

Long Term Performance

Rubberfuse offers advanced product stability with no reinforcement required, providing advanced resistance to all weather conditions.

Heat and UV Resistance

Rubberfuse can be installed even in extremes of ambient temperature with outstanding resistance to wear, ageing and UV rays.

Colour Options

Rubberfuse is available in a standard range of 30 colours (can be available in any colour subject to quantity and light fastness testing).

History of TPO Roofing Membrane

Rubberfuse was the first TPO system launched into the UK market three decades ago…

Roofing Systems

Roof top Active Blue Attenuation

A Blue Roof system is a tanked flat roof, designed to facilitate the controlled storage and attenuation of water arising from storm events and heavy rainfall.


The challenges for the construction industry are diverse, and have seen the introduction of a diverse range of materials and methods to combat the effects, from water harvesting through to investment in green building technologies.


Rubberfuse ST (Standard) or RC (Reinforced) membranes can be used with inverted roof systems, now increasingly popular for new construction projects, where the waterproofing layer is installed over the structural deck rather than over the insulation.


Mechanically fastened TPO systems provide a fast, cost-effective and durable solution for a wide range of roofing applications.


Training and Warranty

Installation of Rubberfuse roof waterproofing systems is only carried out by trained and approved installers…

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