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The first-ever polypropylene-based TPO roofing system in the UK, Rubberfuse is a synthetic membrane made of flexible polyolefin with a polypropylene base designed to solve even the most challenging waterproofing issues. The membrane is manufactured by means of co-extruding a mix of polypropylene-based elastomerised polyolefins (TPO/FPA).

The absence of halogens and the fact that the polymeric chain of IPS RUBBERFUSE contains only hydrogen and carbon is the key to their green credentials.

The absence of plasticisers gives Rubberfuse systems outstanding resistance to wear, ageing and UV rays, guaranteeing an extended operating life (BBA Accreditation 40 years).

Rubberfuse TPO Roofing System Membranes are approved for uses on pitched roofs, zero falls, green roofs, blue roofs (attenuated roof systems) and limited access roofs. Find out about our standard and fleece back TPO products.

  • Rubberfuse systems facilitate improved safety on site, with no VOCs and no naked flames required during installation, just automatic or manual hot air welding machines
  • Rubberfuse offers advanced product stability with no reinforcement required
  • Rubberfuse is available in a standard range of 30 colours (can be available in any colour subject to quantity and light fastness testing)
  • Rubberfuse yields one of the industry’s highest SRI (Solar Reflectivity Index) values at 102%
  • Rubberfuse is highly puncture resilient and very easy to repair with a simple patch weld
  • Rubberfuse can be installed even in extremes of ambient temperature, from low to high, without problems
  • SLM (Sheet Laminated Metal) flashings shaped to any design and colour matched to the roof are available from Rubberfuse

Rubberfuse holds extensive stocks in the UK with next day delivery.

Product Development History

IMPER ITALIA is a member of the GBC Council Italy, a body designed to promote and develop the culture of sustainability and environmental impact awareness in the Italian construction industry. They were looking to develop a range of waterproofing products to provide a decisive contribution to earning LEED credits (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

This commitment to sustainability and a low environmental impact permeates the whole lifecycle of Rubberfuse waterproof membranes, now used across the UK and further afield.

The product development process optimised the company’s extensive knowledge of polypropylene-based polymers, already used in components for high-end polymer bitumen membranes. Rubberfuse TPO roofing membranes have the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) defined by ISO 14025, the criteria to measure the environmental performance of a product with parameters calculated according to the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) method, based on the standards of the ISO 14040 series.  Rubberfuse series membranes have the BBA Certification ensuring durability in excess of 40 years.  They are easy to recycle and lightweight, making their disposal at the end of the product lifecycle easy and affordable.

Training and Warranty

Installation of Rubberfuse roof waterproofing systems is only carried out by trained and approved installers…

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