Solar PV Powerply

Our innovative solar PV panel solution is designed to optimise energy output and offer an eco-friendly, cost-effective solution.

Unlike standard solar PV panels, the Powerply system consists of solar panels completely integrated into the roofing system – improving aesthetic appeal and eradicating the need for ballast, penetrations or racking. 

Optimum Performance

TPO Solar Powerply PV roof-integrated solar panels are designed to perform well, even in shade or low light, thanks to their multiple bypass diode design. With a tested efficiency output of 17%, they set new and industry-leading standards.

Durable, Flexible, Lightweight

The Powerply solar PV system is lightweight and easy to install. It is essentially flexible and capable of withstanding even extreme weather conditions. All systems carry a 25-year guarantee as standard.

Powerply Features:

  • High efficiency > 17%
  • Best in class thin film technology
  • No ballast, penetrations or racking required
  • Low installed weight of less than 3kg/m2
  • Improved aesthetics
  • No grounding required
  • Multiple Bypass Diode design to improve performance in shading/low light
  • 25 year performance warranty, 5 year product warranty

CIGS Photovoltaic Cells

Photovoltaic technology provides a practical way to produce electricity, using renewable energy to address climate change whilst offering clear economic advantages.

Crystalline silicon, the material first used to create PV solar panels, was bulky resulting in panels that were heavy, easily breakable and which took considerable energy to manufacture. However, technological advances mean that modern (thin film) PV panels are now more practical and offer greater benefits.

TPO Photovoltaic Cells

Rubberfuse TPO integrated solar panels, developed in conjunction with BIPVco, use a new type of membrane. This combines and builds upon the very best aspects of previous PV materials.

Solar TPO PV panel membranes are completely inert, which is the key to their efficacy. They contain no plasticisers or other materials that could migrate into the environment over time, which means the panel remains stable and will not shrink or become brittle.

These roof integrated solar panels are completely non-toxic and easy to recycle at end of life.

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Training and Warranty

Installation of Rubberfuse roof waterproofing systems is only carried out by trained and approved installers…

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