Active Blue Attenuation

Managing Rainfall Events

Climate change is real, with changing rainfall patterns leading to sudden and catastrophic flood events even here in the UK. Managing bursts of intense rainfall is an essential consideration for the construction industry into the future.

A Blue Roof system is a tanked flat roof, designed to facilitate the controlled storage and attenuation of water arising from storm events and heavy rainfall.

Typically, building developments create hard surfaces with little or no option for attenuation. Creating a rooftop structure that contains water and releases it slowly impacts favourably on drainage, local sewers and downstream areas.

Blue Roofs contain both hard and soft landscaping to hold and release water at a managed rate, limiting peak flows and volume discharges.

As a blue roofing company, Rubberfuse TPO roofing materials offer high strength waterproofing with innovative drainage solutions, including high compressive strength attenuation grids to support the required landscaping elements.

Just a few benefits of the Rubberfuse active blue roof system:

  • Improved architectural value
  • Reduced noise pollution
  • Reduction of the urban heat island effect
  • Smog absorption
  • Greater thermal insulation

Rubberfuse Active Blue is a recognised Sustainable Urban Drainage System.

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