TPO FleeceBack Single-Ply Membrane

Our Rubberfuse FB (Fleece Back TPO) membrane is used with either roller-applied or spray-applied adhesives which are applied directly to the substrate, timber or approved tissue-faced PIR insulation, creating a strong bond.

Aesthetics are an important consideration for construction projects in the UK. Rubberfuse Fully Adhered Fleece Back TPO roof systems provide an excellent finished aesthetic for the building envelope.

Rubberfuse spray-applied adhesives are quick to apply, resulting in increased ease of installation and reduced material wastage.

  • (FR) version certified to Broof (t4) for the UK
  • Standard thicknesses 1.2mm
  • Standard colours Light Grey & Dark Grey
  • Other thicknesses and colours are available

We partner with QDEK developers and manufacturers of a range of adhesive systems designed to make flat roofing faster, easier and more effective in all conditions. Their innovative range of spray adhesives is engineered to bond flat roof membranes quickly and successfully.

Benefits include:

  • Purpose-designed spray adhesive systems developed specifically for roofing applications
  • Rapid drying properties, tacking off in less than two minutes
  • Smart adhesives performing exceptionally well in cold weather 

Rubberfuse fleece back TPO roofing membranes are extremely strong and durable with advanced levels of dimensional stability. They are easy to install and offer excellent UV resistance. 

Advantages of FleeceBACK TPO

Increased Protection

Rubberfuse TPO systems have been providing effective and durable roofing solutions for over three decades

Energy Efficiency

Commitment to sustainability and a low environmental impact permeates the whole lifecycle of Rubberfuse TPO

Wind Resistant

Specialist installation includes wind uplift calculations to ensure product stability and performance in use

Quiet Installation

Rubberfuse systems facilitate improved safety on site, using just automatic or manual hot air welding machines

OSB Deck
Rubberfuse TPO shown over OSB Deck.
Concrete Deck
Rubberfuse TPO shown over a Concrete Deck.
Plywood Deck
Rubberfuse TPO shown over a Plywood Deck.
Metal Deck
Rubberfuse TPO shown over a Metal Deck.
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Colour Options

Dark Grey
Dark Grey
Light Grey
Light Grey
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Training and Warranty

Installation of Rubberfuse roof waterproofing systems is only carried out by trained and approved installers…

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